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Desktop Pick And Place Machine WITH VISION SMT50

Desktop Pick And Place Machine WITH VISION SMT50 Desktop Pick And Place Machine WITH VISION SMT50 Desktop Pick And Place Machine WITH VISION SMT50 Desktop Pick And Place Machine WITH VISION SMT50

Product name : Desktop Pick And Place Machine WITH VISION SMT50

Item : SMT50

Details :

Desktop Pick And Place Machine WITH VISION SMT50

Automatic SMT placement machine, the latest visual positioning, combined conductivity material, 360 degree continuous rotation Fuji nozzle, XY Japanese precision spindle motor, industrial motor drives a high breakdown. Please do not compare some sacrifice accuracy for speed is only 1 / 8 sub-chip machine with our professional powerful machines.

We only produce the professional equipment, high-speed stability and accuracy machine as you need.

Reply many customers’ common questions as below:

Questions 1 : Why some other different machines’ speed is faster than yours?

R: After we investigate the accuracy of some manufacturers is to reduce the cost to improve the speed and accuracy, which is not enough to run even faster. It’s only suitable for a few customers which is low requirement for machines.


Question 2 : Why the appearance of others are better than yours?

R: The machine is used of stainless steel shell , which is the most important material for industrial. So, reliable, practical, long-term reliable operation are more important than appearance .

Question 3 : Why other supplier’s machines do not use computer, your machine need it?

A: The other supplier’s machines use the limited resources of stand-alone single-chip control functions. All aspects of the operation has been limited unsuitable demanding users.

Question 4 :Why other supplier’s machines do not use air pump, your machine need it?

A: We use the industry standard gas source design, simple to maintain stable and reliable work, which can be accurately detected by reclaiming the original state. So, please don’t compare our machines with other non-built small motor pump machines.

Question 5: Does your machines has visual function, really?
We heard from other manufacturers said that the price is not possible with vision.

R: We use dual visual structure that can accurately identify MARK point , all packaged IC Manifold precise placement. Welcome customers to visit the actual site placement here.

Question 6: Is it easy to operate your machine with computer system?

R: The system is Chinese or English menu , so long as literacy will point the mouse you can learn , and remote assistance. We offer genuine software , free upgrades for life, the machine will always be a new version. We understand that some manufacturers can’t update system after sale because of the structural constraints.

Question 7 : Why your machine is a little expensive than other suppliers?

R: We use the industrial design, fully considered the design features, scalability, interoperability. We promise our customers can buy genuine equipment, the appearance of the real data is not brilliant flicker customers. That is the same as “Why is the Japanese car fuel-efficient and German car is expensive?”

Suitable for small-scale production, research and personal DIY automatic placement machine. Included 360 degree continuous rotation vacuum nozzle, aluminum machine, can be attached to most of the above components SMD 0603 chip components and SOIC. The left & front side of the machine configuration a set of combined guide rack, which is the best choice for majority of small and medium enterprises, science and research institutions and individuals.


* Simple easy to use, without professional training to do the job.
* Automatic reset mechanical origin.
* 360 degree continuous mount at any angle.
* Drag feeding mode / optional electric feed feeder feeding.
* PCB supports batch import data directly, without having to manually enter the coordinates, greatly reduce data entry work .
* Automatically adjust the height according to the Z-axis mount component height , do not fight or die hard hit PCB board.
* Can be loaded with 36 standard chute, each rack height, speed, independently adjustable.
 * Powerful batch mount feature, you can mount a continuous subsidies , free to choose placement strategy.
* Freely midway pause, resume, stop, then mount will not affect the process.
* Freedom to set placement speed, the freedom to set the Z-axis mount softness, can be quite soft.
* Can be pre-tested for each feeding coordinates and component placement coordinates.
* Support PCB board MARK point visual recognition.
* Support for the function of visual elements.
* Supported operating systems WINDOWS XP.
* 20MM aluminum machines, stable and high positioning accuracy.
* Y -axis dual stepper motor rotation system more stable operation.
* Stepper motor + polyurethane industrial belt rotation.
* Machine size according to customer requirements.
* Round precision guide.

Full support for 0603, 0805, ...... 0505 SO-16, SOT QFN chip components, such as conventional (special component feeder can be customized).
Support TQFTP tray packaging.
* Fuji Universal nozzle can be replaced, supplies cheap.
* Technical parameters: Power is 220V, 50Hz (can be converted to 110V)
* Average operating power: 300W
* Post piece accuracy: ± 0.02MM
* Circuit board area: 230 * 230
* Moving range: 300 * 300
* Counterpoint: mechanical alignment / video bit
* Transmission: Stepper motor + polyurethane timing belt industry
* Control Type: WINDOWS XP
* Belt feed material control: Optional
* Feeding way: Drag
* Compressed air: 0.8Mkp
* Power supply: 220V, 50Hz,
can be converted to 110V
* Weight: 53kg
* Shape Volume: 500 × 500 × 400mm


Note: the pump & computer should be prepared by yourself.


Picture is the effect of feed trough line, the standard is one side guide chute, sending side electric lift, on the other side extension needs to order.

Customized North Feeder & Tray,  please let us know if you need.

For the tray, the *exactly* like the photo. That would be four rows. The first two 13x13, the second 17.5x17.5 and the third 20.5x26.5. 

About the North Feeder:
We have 8mm,2mm,16mm…for your choose.
There are two customer's requirment is that " 7x 8mm, 6x 12mm, 7x16mm" 
Or "mix mm: 7*12mm,3*16mm, remaining solts=8mm"
How about your requirement?



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