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Industrial screw automatic placement machine SMT600

Industrial screw automatic placement machine SMT600 Industrial screw automatic placement machine SMT600

Product name : Industrial screw automatic placement machine SMT600

Item : SMT600

Details :

~Industrial screw automatic placement machine SMT600

Video Information :

SMT is a desktop machine, the machine which small footprint , placement stability, high accuracy ; by the computer as a simple PC , stable operation , capable of 0402,0603,0805,1206, SOP, QFN and other chips for accurate stickers installed . Software on your computer manipulation , the Chinese version intuitive interface, easy to understand, to upgrade the machine to optimize bring great convenience , the software offers free lifetime upgrades. Procurement Taiwan TBI ball screw machine + silver linear guide , plus the Y-axis gantry bridge bindings large span of unique design solves the problem of large double Y span . Rigidity of the machine to achieve strong features , making precise operation . Replace stepper motor servo motor , increased speed and stability. Understanding of the different sizes of the single component placement head wrap nozzle function ; nozzle can achieve 360-degree continuous rotation, the design of the buffer spring to prevent PCB board components play dead ; PC partition separating the material makes the material with double with installation in both directions , so there is little machine to achieve more material level demand ; machines equipped with automatic lift, hoist lift from the original to the skin automatically innovation . Automatic cleaning nozzle clogging further upgrade . . . . . .

Not only will customers see the price asked , why screw machine than synchronous machine wheel so much more expensive ? The reason is that the machine uses a screw linear guide Taiwan TBI ball screw + silver , plus replace the servo motor stepper motor , using Japan 's NSK Bearings , coupled with the complexity of the machine structure.

Functions and Features Introduction
• Using the USB interface , eliminating the need has been difficult to find a parallel port and serial port.
• Operating easy to use, no special training to operate posts .
• Support element visualization, WYSIWYG , no test stick , the liberation of the brain .
• Support for stepper motor drive or switch to the servo motor drives.
• Support USB interface wired or wireless game controller to control .
• the freedom to choose a different placement strategies , you can press the material level , X, Y, puzzle, board , mixing boards, etc. .
• Supports any angle component placement .
• Automatic reset mechanical origin .
• vision of independent property rights , the independent property rights MARK, completely solve the mount PCB manufacturers deviation caused by the Conference Board is not correct .
• deceleration algorithm independent property rights , so that the motion plus faster and more stable.
• Coordinate PCB can bulk import documents to ensure accuracy, the liberation of manual input input ; can manually extract the set -point coordinates.
• available rack coordinates, element coordinates by MARK camera to achieve access to non- PCB file coordinates.
• support the use of the camera to obtain PCB MARK origin coordinates.
• Support for mixed feeding feeding mode , you can control the automatic feeder for feeding the material , you can also pull tractor feed material way . ( The machine is a tractor pull material way )
• Support for a set number of boxes Wobble form elements , in the case of material position can be customized enough discharge station for chip placement .
• Pull tractor feed material with ways to customize the size , is not limited to 8mm, 12mm ... by the maintenance of a tape library .
• automatically adjusted according to the height of Mount component height , not hard to play, play dead PCB board and nozzle built with buffer spring .
• Empty perfect detection function , you can define the number of detections and after a specified number of non- material feeding again , and sound an alarm , you can freely set the time interval to provide a variety of strategies.
• Freely midway pause, resume , stop, will not affect the then mount process.
• the freedom to set placement speed , the freedom to set the Z-axis mount softness can be done quite soft.
• Pull the feed material with a way to achieve shock function , the perfect solution to recover the head-to- tape pull material impact .
• You can mount the coordinates and the coordinates for each element feeding pre- testing.
• Support for feeding test pull material feeding methods .
• support for the vision and support blocking content or chips, freedom of choice on the way , just click of a mouse .
• Support for visual pickup, solve suction feeder feeding coordinate deviations are not allowed due cause .
• Support for different independent reclaimer rack height .
• Support independent rack -mount different speeds and to visually separate speed.
• maintain a speed control system support library , unified management.

The main technical parameters
• Model : YS-SMT600S
• Maximum PCB size : 300MM × 330MM
• Chip speed: 1800 / hour
• Placement accuracy : 0.025MM
• Unit dimensions : 0402,0603,0805,1206 ... SOP, QFN , etc.
• Component Package Type : 8MM, 12MM, 16MM, 24MM, given the number of boxes, stations , and special tube , etc.
• Device base size : 550MM × 620MM
• external source : Compressed air 0.8Mpa ( machines offer free air pump )
• nozzle holder: a three
• Power supply : 220V ~, 50Hz
• Power: 200W
• Weight : 50Kg

Standard machine
A machine body : 1 set.
Level 2 : 18 -piece set of guide plate (mounted on the machine ) , the other needs to be customized.
Three electric lift : 1 set ( including motor and drive ) .
4 Software : 1 set ( file transfer )
5 control card : 1 set ( on the machine )
6 dongle : 1
7 nozzle : large, medium and small each one

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