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New arrival for SMT Pick and place machine with vision TP01 (SMT01)

New arrival for SMT Pick and place machine with vision TP01 (SMT01) New arrival for SMT Pick and place machine with vision TP01 (SMT01) New arrival for SMT Pick and place machine with vision TP01 (SMT01) New arrival for SMT Pick and place machine with vision TP01 (SMT01)

Product name : New arrival for SMT Pick and place machine with vision TP01 (SMT01)

Item : SMT01

Price : USD3200

Details :

~New arrival for SMT Pick and place machine, low cost & good quality TP01 (SMT01)

Automatic placement machine

This multifunction placement machine factory after years of research and long-term testing, stable, powerful, affordable, well-suited for SMT placement processing small quantities of many varieties in the country where the minicomputer is truly automatic, versatile, high-precision placement machine, automatic placement size components, automatic tare, automatic exchange tips, automatic calibration precision mount IC. Bring down the camera, the operation convenient adjustment, high placement accuracy. Low price and high performance. Is really cheap and easy domestic placement machine. Is the best choice for medium and small electronics factory, R & D laboratories.
Unique Features

Using ' centralized feeder ': feeding and discharge using the original body , similar to the centralized feeder, feeding with a location, do not always turn on the bit . Automatic peeled, the skin, feeding back to the turn , does not interfere with PCB operations.

Vision camera positioning : Use the camera for PCB editing operations , see where it posted there, very easy to use .
Wrap head mechanism : define for head programmed manually change without downtime head , can be sucked cooperative sector sizes for different parts .

Parts of mechanical correction function : You can use mechanical correction, the correction part position accurately mount IC. Can accurately mount 0.5MM pitch dense foot IC. Placement accuracy +-0.1MM.

Mounter unique operating system: windows operating system, the operation is very easy , and powerful program , with a variety of unique mount command , simplifying PCB programming.

High stability of the electronic control system : motor control system using a high subdivision control , stable and durable .

Cast iron floor : precision machining , high precision, without distortion .
Two cameras ( up / down ) : Programming and recognition cameras , visual identification of future conduct IC, R, L, C, etc. position correction .
Z -axis using the silver rail ( Taiwan factory ) : high precision, durable, long-term use .

X, Y, Z, R Axis , the suction head 360 degrees continuous rotation .
Z -axis can be freely set in position , a wide range of applications , suction discharge softness is good, butt low .

Operating system software and controller software free update , users do not need to worry software upgrade issues. ( After visual correction out of the need to upgrade the visual correction charges, the price is probably five or six hundred . )

Stabilize mount : 0603,0805,1206, sot-23, sot-89, sop, tssop, QFN, LQFP ...... minimum stickers 0402 .

Recent software upgrades , full support for keyboard operation , easier to use , but also greatly enhance the speed , you can then upgrade about 0.2 seconds.
Support remote online exercise machine , easy to train and maintain, at any time to solve customer problems.

Technical parameters and specifications
Cast iron floor area: 500 * 600MM
* Y-axis X-axis travel: 340 * 460MM
Effective stroke Z axis travel: 25MM down height can be individually set arbitrarily.
Effective Mount area: 250 * 320MM, maximum mounting area: 250 * 450MM.
Can install the ribbon reel: 8MM tape 18, 12MM tape 2, 16MM material with a.  IC material included a grid.
Positioning accuracy: +-0.01MM, placement accuracy: +-0.1MM.
Stable mount speed: 1.5 seconds / piece (PCB distance 6CM), 2400 pieces / hour. (Note: After the software upgrade, the speed has been improved, can accelerate from 0.2 to 0.3 seconds / piece up to 3,000 / hour).
Control System: PC PC software + lower machine controller. Must bring their own computers.
Power Max: 250W, standby power 30W.
Power supply: 220V 50Hz or 110v ...
Vacuum pressure: 2PA
NW: 65KG

One year warranty, free training.
Comes with four size nozzles. And vacuum pumps, machine use easily.



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Skype: smtmachine1 QQ: 1474249018 Trademanager ID:cn1510323591