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SMT Machine, pick & place machine Super 37 feeders

Product name : SMT Machine, pick & place machine Super 37 feeders

Item : pick & place Super 37

Details :

~The main features of the machine which is small, mount speed, high placement accuracy, simple operation, stable and affordable. Able to 0402,0603,0805,1206,1210,3528,5050, SOP, QFN and other chips for accurate placement. Not only help you avoid the instability caused by the artificial mount and can help you greatly reduce labor costs and rental costs and increase unit productivity. In addition to not automatically substrate conveying the basic functions of other functions can be comparable with the imported placement machine. Its a worthy and your best choice of machine.

The main technical parameters
Model:  Super 37 feeders
Circuit board area: 10mm * 10mm ~ 380mm * 415mm
XY axis travel: 420 * 460mm
Z-axis movement range: 15mm
Mount number of heads:  2
The quantity of the feeders: 37 feeders (8MM = 22 feeders, 12MM = 4 feeders, 16MM = 2 feeders, 24MM = 1 feeders, front disc IC = 8 feeders)
Chip speed: 6000cph (highest 7200cph) (7200 components / hour)
Placement accuracy of ± 0.025mm
Original Size: 0402-5050, SOP, QFN (material width: 8MM, 12MM, 16MM)
Equipment size: L 960mm × W 705mm × H 335mm
Vacuum pump: -92KPA (device comes) (silent type pump)
Pump number: 2 (the device comes) (silent type pump)
Power supply: 220V (110V), 50Hz; 110V ...
Power 200W
Weight: 65kg
Volume: 0.41 m3

Standard list:
1. Super 37 feeders machine: 1 set
2. with JUKI nozzles: 502: 1, 504:1 branch, 505: 1, 506:1 branch
3. 8 G SD memory card: 1
4. Reader: 1

Product Features

1) Fully upgraded motor drive, 4-axis, faster and more natural and smooth, graceful, head affixed to run longer fragmented, beat around the bush; jog and run in real time, which greatly facilitates debugging
2) Dual Mount head design, you can also install two nozzles affixed head can be quickly replaced with bare hands
3) Compatible with industrial precision JUKI nozzle, model up to 9, can be adapted to almost all packaged chip devices, facilitate affordable purchase
4) Own vacuum testing, with automatic feeding function; If the component suck crooked, will throw expect automatic butt area, re-suck a mount
5) Shut automatic detection, voice prompts; with refueling can continue to mount after hours, do not start again
6) Double-double nozzle placement head can be rotated to any angle, -180 degrees to +180 degrees angle rotation linkage is complete, does not affect the placement time; while mounting head can be mounted at any height control, accuracy of 0.1 mm

7) Exclusively developed automatic feeders, without money enough to buy Configured for 8mm = 22 stacks , 12mm = 4 stacks , 16mm = 2 stacks , 24mm = 1 stack, stack material pre- IC = 8 stack
8) Nylon trays with automatic stripping , collection, reliability, strong . Easy to replace , no additional devices or hanging weights , and without any adjustment
9) 5 -inch color TFT touch screen, large viewing angle , full- touch operation ; data set provides a soft keyboard , you can quickly and easily direct input
10) Easy to understand Chinese operating system, computer experience can Quick Start within half an hour
11) Exclusively developed laser crosshairs coordinate acquisition functions , programming is more concise accurate ;available online for fine-tuning for each visual element
12) PCB calibration can be performed quickly and accurately , without concern coordinate offset , without calculating the input
13) Support any number of puzzle, providing an array and coordinates two puzzle mode, where the array pattern can be completed only four parameters set , greatly reducing the set number of coordinates
14) Can be set to offset the entire board components , can be arbitrarily set the overall placement rate , the speed can be set individually mount components, can be set to run starting position , when the puzzle can be set from the first few boards the first few devices to run power down without mistakes again .
15) Provides a powerful easy-to- patch file generation software, supports PCB files directly import feature , save a lot of programming time

16) A wide range of board size, 10 * 10-380 * 415 (substrate thickness 0.6-2.0)
17) Support the self-learning mode, the operation more simple, in the absence of documents or board PCB relatively simple cases can be completely without a computer, and even SD cards do not need
18) Support STEP single-step operation, each subdivided Mount action, user-friendly debugging.
19) Comes with 8G SD memory card that can hold all your PCB paste board procedures
20) Use software comes with a powerful operating system without adding another computer
21) Corresponds to the original high capacity 0402,0603,0805 ... 5050 SO-8 ... SO-16, SOT-23, SOT-89, TO-252 package, etc
22) Lightweight and compact, easy to install, easy to transport;
green energy, the maximum power consumption of less than 200W, standby power is less than 80W
23) Multiple security, free shipping logistics, can negotiate site commissioning, training, the whole year warranty
24) The key parts are all imported, the best materials lay the foundation for long life
25) Standard export packing, inner mold EPE, outer layer of strengthening export fumigation wooden box, ensure that the goods arrive safely at their destinations



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