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SMT Production Line: pick and place machine,reflow oven, stencil printer

Product name : SMT Production Line: pick and place machine,reflow oven, stencil printer

Item : SMT Production Line

Details :

SMT Production Line: pick and place machine,reflow oven, stencil printer

1) SMT50 pick and place machine with vision


* Simple easy to use, without professional training to do the job.
* Automatic reset mechanical origin.
* 360 degree continuous mount at any angle.
* Drag feeding mode / optional electric feed feeder feeding.
* PCB supports batch import data directly, without having to manually enter the coordinates, greatly reduce data entry work .
* Automatically adjust the height according to the Z-axis mount component height , do not fight or die hard hit PCB board.
* Can be loaded with 36 standard chute, each rack height, speed, independently adjustable.
 * Powerful batch mount feature, you can mount a continuous subsidies , free to choose placement strategy.
* Freely midway pause, resume, stop, then mount will not affect the process.
* Freedom to set placement speed, the freedom to set the Z-axis mount softness, can be quite soft.
* Can be pre-tested for each feeding coordinates and component placement coordinates.
* Support PCB board MARK point visual recognition.
* Support for the function of visual elements.
* Supported operating systems WINDOWS XP.
* 20MM aluminum machines, stable and high positioning accuracy.
* Y -axis dual stepper motor rotation system more stable operation.
* Stepper motor + polyurethane industrial belt rotation.
* Machine size according to customer requirements.
* Round precision guide.

Full support for 0603, 0805, ...... 0505 SO-16, SOT QFN chip components, such as conventional (special component feeder can be customized).
Support TQFTP tray packaging.
* Fuji Universal nozzle can be replaced, supplies cheap.
* Technical parameters: Power is 220V, 50Hz (can be converted to 110V)
* Average operating power: 300W
* Post piece accuracy: ± 0.02MM
* Circuit board area: 230 * 230
* Moving range: 300 * 300
* Counterpoint: mechanical alignment / video bit
* Transmission: Stepper motor + polyurethane timing belt industry
* Control Type: WINDOWS XP
* Belt feed material control: Optional
* Feeding way: Drag
* Compressed air: 0.8Mkp
* Power supply: 220V, 50Hz
* Weight: 53kg
* Shape Volume: 500 × 500 × 400mm

2) IR Hot-air Reflow Solder Machine T962C

Power supply AC110V/ 50Hz     AC220V /60Hz
Rated power 2500W
Soldering size/
Drawer size 400×600 mm
Temperature Range 0°C-280°C
Cycle Time 1~8 min
 Machine size  68.4*50.4*22.5cm

3) Stencil Printer(medium size)
Work mode: Manual
Maximum print Area:320* 440mm

Welcome to buy:
1) Pick and place machine: SMT50, SMT500D, SMT600, SMT01.. 
2) Stencil printer size: Small, Middle, Big
3) Reflow oven: T960 , T962, T962A, T962C


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