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Stencil Printer

Product name : Stencil Printer

Item : Stencil Printer

Price : USD60

Details :
Automatic SMT/SMD Screen PCB Stencil Printer 
1.This stencil printer units countertops stainless steel platform body paint
2.Then stencil printer is in high quality
Simple manual stencil printer machine is small and convenient, especially for new product trial, and some low-volume electronics factory, the production of many varieties, affordable, easy to use, is essential for the production of small electronic tools.
1, can be flat, curved surface printing, manual operation manual easy to adjust, accurate and reliable
2, manual stencil printer machine printing area: 45× 60mm manual screen printing machine suitable for small-scale screen printing products to use, this device easy to adjust, accurate and reliable
3 ,Simple manual stencil printer machine can be used in several specifications, suitable for all sizes of hand-printed silk screen, optional sizes work surface 24 * 30cm, 32 * 44cm, 45 * 60cm three sizes
All models of  SMT Stencil Printer :
Models Printing area Feature
MD-L 45*60(cm) Any angle adjustable
MD-M 32*44(cm) Any angle adjustable
MD-S 24*30(cm) Any angle adjustable
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Skype: smtmachine1 QQ: 1474249018 Trademanager ID:cn1510323591